Follow the steps below to authorize an organization to grant access to the cropping scheme and/or registrations.

  1. Click the Communication menu button
  2. Choose the Authorization tab
  3. Click on the green button +Authorization
  4. Select the organization 
  5. Enter the customer number/relationship number you have with this organization
  6. Put a check mark at 'Access to cropping scheme' and/or 'Access to registrations'
  7. Click Save to finalize the authorization.

You will see that the status is set to 'accepted'. This means that the organization has access to your data in CropVision.

If you want to change or revoke the authorization for any reason, you can click on the relevant line and change it or choose the 'Revoke' button. From that moment on, the organization will no longer have access to your crop registration. This way you determine who can view your data.