When entering a spraying, you can enter the weather conditions. You can register the cloud coverage, precipitation, wind speed and temperature. Default values used here. If you have the Meteo module, the weather conditions are automatically filled in based on the linked weather station of the culture. 





The cloud coverage is a choice from 'No cloud coverage' to '8/8' (completely cloudy). Rain can be registered in millimeters. The wind speed in meters per second. Here is a table for some guidance.

0 m/s windless

1 m/s very weak wind

2 m/s leaves rustling and wind is palpable in face

3 m/s moderate wind, leaves constantly moving on the trees

4 m/s moderate wind, wind stretches a pennant

5 m/s moderate wind, dust and paper whirl on the ground

6 m/s moderate wind, branches move in the wind


The wind speed varies and is measured by meteorologists as an average over a period of 10 minutes at an altitude of 10 meters. At spray boom height (plusminus 50-75 cm height) the wind blows much less hard than at the standard height. Often that speed is less than half of wind speed in the regular weather forecast. The legislation contains rules with regard to drift. This includes that (in principle) spraying is not allowed at wind speeds exceeding 5 m/s at spray boom height.