Follow the steps below to send the culture registration to your buyer. 

What is my grower number/ customer number/ contract number of my buyer?

 How can I modify the crop in a culture?

 How can I modify the farm name on a (sending) report?

  1. Click Communication.
  2. Click tab Edi export.
  3. Click + Connect cultures / buyers.





        4. Select an organization.





        5. Check the culture you want to send. 

        6. Enter your customer number/grower number/company number/contract number of the organization.

        7. Click Save.




        8. Click the white envelope on the right to send the culture.  




        9. The sending report comes into view with the data that you are going to send. Click Send to send the data to the                      organization. (How can I modify the farm name on a (sending) report)



      10. After sending your culture registration, a log is added at the bottom of the screen. Click this line for information. 



Sent, not processed correctly

If the crop registration has not been sent correctly, you can click the log line to find out the reason. Click here for an overview of various error messages including the solution.