For integrated crop protection, the plant protection monitor is a mandatory administrative component. The crop protection monitor must be completed within 2 months of cultivation. With CropVision, you can quickly fulfil this obligation. Most data are already filled in automatically on the Crop Protection Monitor report. Below you can read what still needs to be completed.

Follow the steps below to fill in the preceding crop:

1.    Click the menu button Registration, Culture Registration and choose the culture and press the white pen.

2.    Select the History tab on the left and enter previous culture(s).

3.    Click Save.

Follow the steps below to add an evaluation:

1.    Click the menu button Registration, Culture Registration, Registrations tab and select one or more cultures. (Use the         Single select / Multi select button to select multiple cultures)

2.    On the right-hand side, click on the green registration button Evaluation.

3.    Select one or more themes, name the success and fill in what you want to discuss with your advisor.

4.    Close with Save

Check and download/print the Crop Protection Monitor report:

1.    Click the menu button Registration, Culture registration and choose a culture.

2.    Choose one or more crops on the left-hand side.

3.    Choose the Reports tab and click on the Crop protection monitor report on the right.

4.    Download or print the report via the printer button at the top right.